Lord Use Me - Song

We Stand Amazed - Michelle Beck

I'm honored to have my sister, Michelle Beck, record "Lord Use Me" and release it on her January 2016 live worship album entitled We Stand Amazed. Get her entire album on iTunes! She's amazing! You'll love it!

The Lord gave me this simple little worship chorus back in the early 2000's. We wore it out over many years and many missions conferences at Destiny Church in San Antonio, Texas. The heart-felt simplicity is easy for people to grab a hold of.

When the song came to me, I was going through a season in my spiritual journey where I wanted to lead God's people into His presence in such a way that they didn't see me much. I was hoping I could be invisible! That each one would have a unique encounter with the Holy Spirit.

The lyric that's always wrenched my heart is "You're the reason that I live..."

The most humbling response I ever received, from a respected friend and man of God, was when Marcos Witt told me that he sang it when he was alone with the Lord. He expressed that it really meant a lot to him. Wow! That just about knocked my socks off :)

I Will Bless The Lord At All Times - Song

The Lord gave me this praise song back in the early 2000's when I was serving as a worship leader and youth pastor at Destiny Church in San Antonio, Texas.

This recording was done in the Dancing Heart Studio in about 2002 for an upcoming outreach event called Hoop It Up. Dave Bell, and his sons Matthew and Michael, were great to help us get it done. Josh Engler, Joe Rohrs, and Dave Bell also had an original song on this little recording. I may post them later!

Much of the time we played it with a "Sweet Home Alabama" lead guitar riff. The verse has the same chord progression. Key of D with the verse chords being D  C  G.

I remember hammering this one out over at my grandparents one Sunday after church on their Yamaha grand piano. It always takes a few days to get a song just right and finished.

I'll always remember when I went with my pastor and worship mentor, Dave Bell, to set up his music gear for a worship event at Cornerstone Church. Once he got his rig setup, he asked me to test it out so he could tweak the sound from the sound booth. I was real proud of my new song, so I decided to give it a go in public and in his presence. A big risk if you knew how great of a musician Dave was.

Well the risk payed off because he asked me right away if that was my song. That was an important question, because he was always more moved or impressed when we wrote our own material. He was a creative artist that birthed songs while flowing in the Spirit and had a passion to see that developed in other young Christian leaders.

It wasn't long before he decided to play "I Will Bless The Lord At All Times". It ended up going over really well at our church and we still sing it today. 

Of course that sure built my confidence and many more songs have followed over the years by God's grace.

I've got about 30 songs now and I hope to post them all, over time, on this blog. I've only got a few that have been completely tracked. The others will just be vocals and keys until I can take more time or can allocate some resources to produce a finished recording. The dilemma for every song writer artist it seems. Most importantly, I don't want them lost in my head way down the road when I'm worshipping from heaven. I definatly want to share these gifts from God with family, friends, and the world. Glory to God!!!